MiniRoos Grassroots Certificate (Discovery Phase)

For coaches training 5-9 year old players

The 3 hour course is fully practical and encourages the coach to develop practices that are based on FUN.

The emphasis is on natural development i.e. learning by PLAYING football.

No coaching but organising FUN football exercises is the key to helping players build a love for the game.

Another highlight of the course is that the coaches are exposed to basic rules of the game as well as tips and hints on building a football culture in a completely practical setting.

Skill Training Certificate (Skill Acquisition Phase)

For coaches training 9-13 year old players

In the Skill Acquisition Phase the coach MUST focus on building a solid foundation of Technical Skill.
The course is conducted over 14 hours, is fully practical and deals with the development of the 4 Functional Game Skills:

  • First Touch
  • Striking the Ball
  • Running with the Ball
  • 1 v 1

These four Core Skills make up 95% of the actions of any outfield player during a game of football which is why it is critical to train these actions repeatedly so that the players have the opportunity to develop their ability to perform them more effectively during a game.

Game Training Certificate (Game Training Phase)

For coaches training 13-17 year old players

In the Game Training Phase the coach’s aim will be the development of tactical awareness, perception and decision making through a game related approach to training.
The course is conducted over 14 hours, is fully practical and provides the coach with training sessions designed to help the players apply the Functional Game Skills in a team setting using the FFA endorsed ‘1-4-3-3’ formation.

There are many options and resources that support coach development. The information below is a collection of publicly available information posted on the PlayFootball and Football NSW Websites.

The Canterbury Association hold regular coaching courses & FC Five Dock will provide support to any team coaches or managers who wish to participate in any of these courses. FIND A COURSE

Development Pathways

Community Pathway courses are specifically designed for the coaches who look after Participation players: the courses are short, easily-accessible and low-cost. Because of the nature of the coach and the player in the Community context, these courses focus almost exclusively on the ‘Training’ pillar of the Coaching Expertise Model.

The National Football Curriculum distinguishes 6 Building Blocks: 4 training Building Blocks and 2 playing Building Blocks.

The FFA Building Blocks Methodology is the framework that provides practical guidelines for coaches working at all levels of youth development. Key aims of this are:

  • Develop technically proficient players
  • Develop tactically aware, proactive players
  • Transform the physical and direct style of youth football in Australia to a successful style based upon technique and creativity§To instil a lifelong passion and love for football in young players

Coach Development

Advanced Pathway courses are specifically designed for the coaches who work with Performance players: the courses are longer and much more intensive. These courses progressively develop all the elements of the Coaching Expertise Model. Graduates from the Advanced Pathway are the pool of coaches that are to be considered for full and part-time employment as football coaches.

Coach Resources

Football Australia Coaching Hub

Football Australia Coaching Resources