Competition Information

Game Schedule & Information

Please ensure you check the draw the night before game day as times and locations are always subject to change.


Game Day Procedures

Arrange for your team to arrive at the scheduled venue with ample time to prepare for warm up and to receive your final instructions prior to kick off.


Forfeiting a scheduled game

If your team is unable to play and you wish to forfeit, you must contact our Competition Secretary at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled kick off time. If you do not, the Association will impose a Forfeiture Penalty to the club, which in turn will be payable by the offending team.   


Match Sheets

If you are the HOME team          

The Team Manager will be emailed the official Game Match sheet. You will need to print out and complete player jersey numbers and include any borrowed player details. On game day, strike off any team players who will not be playing.

Prior to kick off, you will need to provide the Game Match sheet to the opposing Team Manager who will complete on behalf of his / her team.


The referee will hold the match sheet during the game. On completion of the game, please review match sheet details to ensure:


  • result is recorded correctly

  • any injuries or incidents are detailed

  • both Team Managers and Referee have signed

  • collect the original signed Match Sheet from the referee

  • collect your team Player ID Cards from the referee


It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to return any borrowed Player ID Cards to the original team manager. Under no circumstances, is a Player ID Card to be given to a player or parent.


Home Team Manager is to return the original signed Match sheet to Nield Park canteen. If you cannot return the Match sheet by 5.15pm on game day or the canteen is closed, you must contact our Competition Secretary with the game result. Please drop off the original match sheet into Nield Park Club letterbox located near the canteen side door entrance.


If you are the AWAY team

You must contact our Competition Secretary with the game result before 5.15 on the game day. If you require a copy of the result for your records, tear off the bottom portion of the original signed Match sheet.

This section is not required by the club.


Player ID Card to Participate in a Game

All players (including borrowed players) must have a valid Player ID card to play and must wear the complete FCFD playing strip including socks and shin guards.


The Team Manager has the right to inspect the opposing team Player ID cards to ensure players are legitimate and eligible to play. Any issue or concerns, speak with the referee prior to kick off. The referee will hold all Player ID Cards during the game.


Team Officials

A maximum of 2 team officials wearing designated (Hi Vis) yellow vests with valid ID Cards, are to be in the technical area at any time during the game.

Match officials cannot walk up and down the sideline.


Team Alternate Playing Strip

The referee may request the Home Team to wear an alternate playing strip if both teams playing have a strip colour that is similar.

An alternate ‘team’ playing strip is available at Nield Park Canteen, which must be washed and returned by the Team Manager to the canteen the following week.


Nield Park and Timbrell Park Field Set up

If your Team is the first scheduled game on a field the team will be required to setup the field including nets to be ready for play. Please arrive early and allow ample time to setup. 


The Timbrell Park field equipment is available from the Ground Official who will provide access to the yellow storage box located in the Main Dressing Shed at Timbrell Park..


If your Team is the last scheduled game on a field

The team will be required to collect all equipment including corner posts, nets, ropes and official chairs / benches and return all to either Nield Park canteen or the Timbrell Park Ground Official … immediately after the game.


Referee Fees

Only an official referee / official assistant referee appointed to your game are to be paid the appropriate fee prior to kick off.


Under 8 and Under 9

No official referee is appointed to these games.

The Home team is to nominate a responsible person to officiate the entire game.

You cannot share referee duties amongst either team or multiple persons.  


Under 10 to Seniors

If an official referee and any official assistant referees are appointed to your game, you must pay the appropriate fee to each official prior to kick off.


If no officials are appointed, the Home team is to nominate a responsible person to officiate the entire game. You cannot share referee duties amongst either team or multiple persons.  


Reimbursement of Referee Fees Paid

Upon payment, please ensure the official referee / official assistant referees sign the Referee Payment form (available in your team satchel).


The referee fees paid  by you will be reimbursed at Nield Park Canteen upon presenting the completed signed Referee Payment form after the game.