The winter competition runs from April through to August. Registrations are accepted from Jan 2 through to May 31. Registrations happen via the DRIBL platform.

Registration fees vary by age group. These can be seen on the DRIBL Registration Platform.

Mini Roos – $325
8 to 12 years – $345
13 to 18 years – $355
Seniors – $490

Registration fees cover the base cost of running the club and getting teams into the competition.

This includes field hire, Football New South Wales (FNSW) and Canterbury Association (CDSFA) fees, kit and equipment and administration costs.

All registrations include all player fees and the supply of a new playing jersey, shorts and socks which are kept by players.

$30 jersey bond is included in the 2023 seasons fees. This bond will be refunded at the end of the season upon returning your jersey to the club.

Match Day

You can request a change to a game date or time, but this must be done at least 10 days before the scheduled game date.

The Club requesting the change acknowledges there is a $55 fee. The requesting Club also acknowledges if this change is approved, and the rescheduled game cannot be played due to weather, lighting or other such factors, that the game will be deemed a Forfeit by the requesting team to their opposition.

Please contact the club via to make a change request

If you cannot field a team or unable to make a game due to lack of players, you need to notify the club who will submit a forfeit notification to the association. Please contact to let the club know the game details.

  • The forfeit MUST come from a Club Committee member, not a Coach or Manager
  • To avoid any fines, the forfeit must be received 72 hours (3days) prior to the game
  • All Forfeits MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA THE PRESCRIBED FORFEIT FORM (please save this link for future reference)
  • If a team forfeits on the day of their game, common courtesy is to contact the opposition and CRA to let them know and also submit the prescribed forfeit form

Under 6 & 7 – 15 minute halves

Under 8 & 9 – 20 minute halves

Under 10 to 12 -25 minute halves

Under 13 & 14 – 30 minute halves

Under 15 & 16 – 35 minute halves

Under 17 & Over 45 – 40 minute halves

All Age, Over 35 & Women – 45 minute halves

Game day is driven by the age (competition) that the team is in.

Playing Saturday

  • Under 6/7 (Nield Park)
  • Under 8 to Under 11 Boys/Mixed
  • All Age Men (Saturday Comp)
  • Over 35’s Mens
  • Over 45’s Mens

Playing Sunday

  • All Girls sides
  • Under 12 to Under 13 Boys/Mixed
  • Under 14 to Under 21’s
  • All Age Men (Sunday Comp)
  • All Age Womens
  • Over 30 Womens


Your child must be turning 5 during the calendar year so they can play in the lowest age group (Under 6’s). You can view details of our team grouping information here.

For football in Australia the year or determining age is the calendar year (01 January to 31 December). The age you are turning in that year is the age group you play in. However you can play up (a maximum of two years). So the player that is turning 13 can play in the under 14’s or 15’s. If you are still unsure then please email

The way players are allocated to a team will vary by age group. Players are asked to attend a team formation day where players will be grouped by capability. Where players have not been able to attend team formation the club will attempt to best place players looking for a team. Sessions are generally held in February of each year.

For more information about insurance please see visit the Football NSW Insurance website

You must already be 35 or 45 BEFORE the start of the year to be eligible to play in these teams.

Also for Over 45s, you can be one of only three players who are aged 40 prior to the start of year, who have also played for the same Over 45s team in the previous season.

The recommended team numbers are:

Under 8 & 9 Minimum 7 players Maximum 9 (ie 2 reserves)
Under 10 & 11 Minimum 9 Maximum 12 (ie 3 reserves)
Under 12 to 18 Minimum 11 Maximum 15 (ie 4 reserves)
Under 21 Minimum 11 Maximum 18 (ie 7 reserves, although a maximum of 16 players is allowed on the match sheet on game day)
Under 21 Minimum 11 Maximum 20 (Although a maximum of 16 players is allowed on the match sheet on game day)

Training equipment will be issued to the team manager at the end of January. Player shorts, shirts & jerseys supplied about 2 weeks prior to season start. These dates will be posted on our website and communicated via email. Players retain their kit at the end of the season.

The winter season begins the first weekend in April and ends the last weekend in August.

We will offer players in ages U8 to 18 an opportunity to undergo  grading process so that players are put into teams to ensure teams consist of similar ability players and in turn play in a suitable competition against other similar ability players. After registration players will be notified to attend designated grading days.

Grading & team formation dates will be published on the club calendar during pre-season (January & February).

Coaches and managers are very important to our club. All coaches and managers are volunteers we ask parents of players to consider coaching or managing their child’s team. Coaching is a great experience as a parent and you only need some basic knowledge of football to be able to perform the coaching role. The club’s technical director will support new and existing coaches no matter what their experience level and will provide resources and training to assist as well as offering FFA accredited coaching courses free of charge to our club coaches.

If you are interested in coaching or managing a team, step forward and let the team know at grading day!

Those coaching senior teams or wanting to coach a team, other than the one they’re involved with, contact Paul Higgins Head Coach & Technical Director.