Football boot guide for parents

There are lots of options when it comes to football boots but hopefully this short guide can make the buying process a little less confusing.


Your child should wear football socks when trying on boots.

Be prepared to try half sizes bigger or smaller than your child’s regular shoe size as there are fitting variations across the boot models to cater for wide, regular and narrow feet.

A sock boot is a boot that has an elastic sleeve around the ankle. They’re often laceless too which, speaking as a coach, I’m a big fan of!

Pitch surfaces

Firm ground (FG) or multi ground (MG) boots are most suited to Australian grass and synthetic pitches. These football boots will have studs on the sole. Regular trainers or runners neither have the grip for running and turning on grass nor the shoe profile for kicking the ball effectively.

Value for money

The quality of Club or Academy versions of Nike, and .3 and .4  versions of Adidas, are perfectly adequate for youth players at the club.

These versions of boots will be priced around AU$100 but you can save as much as AU$40 by not buying the latest releases. You can also find boots at discounted prices at Birkenhead Point and Homebush outlets.

a typical online shop page with a selection of nike and adidas football boots


Shopping locations

Adidas Factory Outlet – Lidcombe

Nike Factory Outlet – Birkenhead Point

Nike Factory Outlet – DFO, Homebush

Rebel – Broadway Shopping Centre

Intersport – Auburn

Ultra Football – Alexandria

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This article was updated in Jan 2023