Frequently asked post-registration questions

Photo by david clarke on Unsplash

Which parks are available for training ?

Both parks are available for training but squads are distributed as follows:

Nield Park is available to all U6 to U9 squads

Timbrell Park is available for all other squads

When can teams train?

Teams can train on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between the following times:

Nield Park 4:00pm – 7:30pm

Timbrell Park 4:00pm – 9:30pm, lights are available from 7:30

What date can training commence?

Teams are able to train from the following dates:

Nield Park from Monday 13 February

Timbrell Park from Tuesday 5 April.

Players need to be registered for insurance purposes.

When are goals erected and the pitches marked out?

Goals are erected and pitches marked out at both parks usually one to two weeks before the season commencement.

When is the first weekend of games?

Sat 25 February for U6 and U7 groups

Sat 1 and Sun 2 April for all other squads

When are jerseys distributed?

Player shorts, shirts and jerseys are available for collection from the Nield Park club house a week before the season commencement.

Time and dates will be posted on our website and communicated via email.

Only the Coach or Manager of the team need to collect the kits, not individual players.

Players that return their jersey at the end of the season will be refunded the $30 bond.

When are coaching/training bags distributed?

Training equipment will be issued to the team coach or manager once your team has registered.

Please contact Frank (Equipment Officer).

Who do I contact for all other training questions?

All other training questions can be directed to the relevant Age Coordinators.