Volunteer Ground Official 

Each FC Five Dock adult member (or parent of member) is encouraged to volunteer for at least a few hours per season to help keep things running smoothly and games can be played in a safe & supervised environment.

Ground Officials ensure all the game day activities run smoothly. 

Simply use the link below to book a 2 hour shift. Once booked we will email you with a confirmation.


What Do You Need to Do?


Start of your shift - Before you are due to start your shift as Ground Official, please report to the Committee member on duty or the Club Administrator to collect your orange hi-vis vest and to receive any instructions.

During your shift - The main responsibility of a Ground Official is to ensure that the games are running smoothly on each field and that spectator and team official behaviour is appropriate.

As you wander around the games being played, take note of the following:

  1. Each team is adhering to the requirements for occupying the technical area.

  2. No more than two clearly identifiable officials (yellow vests and visible ID cards) from each team

  3. Only players involved in the game 

  4. Spectators and officials are behaving appropriately in terms of respecting the match officials and each other


If you observe anti-social behaviour (e.g. excessively loud complaints against, and/or abuse of, match officials, spectators interacting with each other in a confrontational manner etc) please politely ask the persons involved to stop the behaviour. If you do not feel comfortable involving yourself in this way, please feel free to call on the Committee member on duty to assist.

Please do not become involved in any incident whether verbal of physical. If a situation escalates, your main role is to observe the people involved and take note of what is said and done.

As a ground official you are to remain impartial which means pulling up behaviour of our own spectators and officials too. It also means that you are to please avoid yelling from the sidelines.

End of your shift - At the end of your shift, please report back to the Committee member on duty or the club administrator to return your orange hi-vis vest.