Game day procedures

Arrange for your team to arrive on Game Day at the scheduled venue with ample time to prepare for warm up and to receive your final instructions prior to kick off.

Forfeiting a scheduled game

  • If your team is unable to play and you wish to forfeit, you must contact our Competition Secretary at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled kick off time. If you do not, the Association will impose a Forfeiture Penalty to the club, which in turn will be payable by the offending team.

Requesting a game change

Team Officials & Team Leaders

  • Each team across all age groups must have a registered team leader or coach.
  • A maximum of 2 team officials wearing designated (Hi Vis) yellow vests with valid ID Cards, are to be in the technical area at any time during the game.
  • Match officials cannot walk up and down the sideline.

Team Alternate Playing Strip

  • If you are playing against another Five Dock team and are the home team, you are responsible for wearing the alternate s
  • The referee may request the Home Team to wear an alternate playing strip if both teams playing have a strip colour that is similar.
  • An alternate ‘team’ playing strip is available at Nield Park Canteen, which must be washed and returned by the Team Manager to the canteen the following week.

Nield Park and Timbrell Park Field Set up

  • If your Team is the first scheduled game at Nield or Timbrell Park the team will be required to setup the field (including setting up goal nets) to be ready for play. Please arrive early and allow ample time to setup.
  • The Timbrell Park field equipment is available from the Ground Official who will provide access to the yellow storage box located at Timbrell Park..

Nield Park and Timbrell Park Field Pack Up

  • If your Team is the last scheduled game at Nield or Timbrell Park the team will be required to collect all equipment including corner posts, nets, ropes and official chairs / benches and return all to either Nield Park canteen or the Timbrell Park Ground Official immediately after the game.

Referees & Referee Fees

  • Referees will be appointed to age groups 12 and up.
  • Game leaders will be appointed to age groups 6 to 11.
  • Only an official referee or game leader appointed to your game are to be paid the appropriate fee prior to kick off.
  • If an official referee and any official assistant referees are appointed to your game, you must pay the appropriate fee to each official prior to kick off.
  • If no officials are appointed, the Home team is to nominate a responsible person to officiate the entire game. You cannot share referee duties amongst either team or multiple persons.

Reimbursement of Referee Fees Paid

  • Upon payment, please ensure the official referee / official assistant referees sign the Referee Payment form (available in your team satchel).
  • The referee fees paid by you will be reimbursed at Nield Park Canteen upon presenting the completed signed Referee Payment form after the game.

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