Coach, Team Leader & Manager Registration

To ensure a smooth registration process, please follow each of the steps carefully and completely.

  1. Register at the website. If you have problems, please contact the FFA Support Centre on (02) 8880 7893 

  2. Please ensure that your:

    • Contact details are up to date, email and a mobile phone number.

    • A photo to upload

    • Your working with children number.

  3. Select the registration type:

    • Coaches / Team Leaders:

      1. Select "Coach".

      2. Select your accreditation status and age group category.

      3. Select the "Coach / Team Leader" registration package.

    • Managers:

      1. Select "Volunteer" then "Team Manager" category.

      2. Select the "Manager" registration package.

  4. The registration invoice will be emailed to you. This is your registration form.

  5. New officials must attend a registration day.