Resources for Players

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Rules of Association

Rules under which the CDSFA operate including the Mode of Competition.

Judiciary, Disciplinary & Appeals Regulations

Includes details of fines and suspensions issued for all offences.

Code of Conduct - Players

The behavior that is expected of you and that you are bound to by your registration.

Incident / Complaint Form

Use this form to report any incidents or complaints to the Member Protection Officer.

Football NSW Insurance Website

Details of the Football NSW Accident Support Program.

Football NSW Hot Weather Policy

Applicable to all competitions and events, association football and futsal

Laws of the Game

This educational tool, gives you interactive access to the Laws of the Game including videos, workbooks, exams, procedures and interpretations.

Wet Weather Updates - Association

Up to date status of weekend field closures from the CDSFA.

Wet Weather Updates - Council

Up to date status of field closures from the City of Canada Bay. Council's Wet Weather Hotline - 9911 6375 - is only updated when status changes occur.

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