Congratulation Lincoln!

At the beginning of the season, we announced our weekly competition "nice shot" where parents/fans/players would send us a video of a #Docker in action and our follower would chose the winner*.

This week we are glad to announce that Lincoln won the competition with 36 points*!

You can see the winning video below:

Don't Miss out this week competition!

Send us a video or an image after each game to by each Sunday at 6pm following the weekend's game.

We will put them on our socials & Five Dock followers will decide which one is the winner by liking, sharing and commenting online. Winners will be notified on Friday night of the following week online and will receive one of our weekly prizes.

Make sure you follow our socials listed below and never miss the action!

* The way we calculate the winner is by calculating a social score adding likes/reaction to comments (multiplied by 2) and shares (multiplied by 3).