• Mirko Gozzo

FCFD Academy starts this week

This week F.C. Five Dock will start a 8 weeks exclusive program for 3 age groups:

  • Baby Dockers: U4-U6

  • Mini Dockers: U7-U9

  • Skill Development Program: U10-U12

Depending on the chosen day, we will see you on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Make sure you come to the session you have registered for, as the exercises during training are tailored to the number of players we have each session.

Parents should have received an email from us and received an invite for a whatsapp group for your session. If you have not, please get in touch as soon as possible with Mirko (mirko@fcfivedock.com.au) and Sal (sal@fcfivedock.com.au).

Our 8 weeks program is aimed to reinforce those 3 values:

  • #havefun means… Having fun playing football. This is the main reason kids all over the world love the game. This is especially important for the smaller kids. No fun means they probably will not want to play in the future.

  • #trainhard means we take the training seriously. We understand the kids want to have fun but they can do while learning to play soccer. And to learn they will need to train hard. We will focus our training on the 2 phases of football (attacking and defending) and acquire and/or improve the 4 core skills of football (First Touch, Striking the Ball, Running with the Ball, 1v1).

  • #playfair means that we embrace sportsmanship and we will teach kids how to be humble in victory, respecting your competitor and their effort and be be gracious in defeat. We also will teach kids to respect the referee and everyone else involved in the game of football.

Some info for parents:

  • Come 15/20 minutes before the session starts to avoid delays

  • Soccer boots and shin pads are optional for kids U4-U7. While they are not mandatory we believe it’s better so that kids gets used to them early on. It also prevent them from getting hurt and becoming scared of contact.

  • Bring a water bottle.

  • Make sure your children have sun cream on.

Looking forward to a great training session!