Player Agreement & Registration Terms

Club Member Agreement

As a member of Football Club Five Dock, state that I have understood and agree to:

  • ​Wear the Club's uniform in full during every match.

  • Pay for all fines incurred to me as an individual or as part of a team. This includes but is not limited to appeal hearings, red cards, late forfeit notice, incorrectly completed match sheets, no id cards etc.

  • At the completion of the season return all equipment when communicated by the club.

  • Abide by FC Five Dock's Codes of Conduct. I understand that a breach of this code may lead to disciplinary action being taken, including expulsion from the Club.

Player's Declaration

I hereby declare:

  • I am not under suspension by any sporting organisation.

  • I have not contracted or signed to play for any other football team this year.

  • I am duly qualified to play for this team according to the rules of the C.D.S.F.A. Inc.

  • There are no monies or property owing by me to any Club or Association.

  • I have read the above information regarding my details on this form and it is correct and true.

  • I have had the opportunity to read the rules of the Association (available at and will abide by these rules and any decision(s) of C.D.S.F.A. Inc.

  • I have had the opportunity to read the details of the Accident Support Program available at

Senior Players (U21, O35 & O45)

Each team be rostered for match day duty once per season. When assigned, each team is expected to make two players available to help with ground official duties. The roster avoids your team match days. Prior to the season commencing coaches and managers will be asked to provide availability after-which a roster will be created.

Sunday Competitions

Sunday competitions will be assigned canteen roster once per season. Once the competition draw is created coaches and managers will be asked for availability. When rostered only 1 or 2 individuals will be needed for a few hours.