Timbrell Park Management Plan

Canada Bay Council is developing a 10 year plan for Timbrell Park. The playing fields at Timbrell are a critical part of FC Five Dock’s ability to field teams and provide playing opportunities for the close to 800 registered players we have.

The council is having a number of drop in sessions where we the community can provide feedback about how we use the park, what we may like to see more of or where there are things that are not suitable and need improvement.

The link below provides a greater overview of the approach as well as the drop in times where you can attend to provide feedback.


Drop in sessions are:

Wednesday, 20 November 7–9am near the playing fields

Wednesday, 20 November 7–9am near the playing fields

Monday, 25 November 11am–12pm at Livvi’s Place

Monday, 25 November 5–7pm near the playing fields

Tuesday, 26 November 5–7pm near the playing fields

Saturday, 7 December 9am–12pm near the playing fields

Members of our committee and volunteers will be providing feedback and would love your support in doing so as well, so that we can ensure our members across all ages have a park that is safe and well suited to our club’s needs and ensure access to facilities is not lost into the future.

Thank you for your support.

Sal Iannuzzi

FC Five Dock Registrar