Ages 10 to 12 eight Week Development Program

Ages 10 to 12 eight Week Development Program


FC Five Dock is hosting an 8 week Skill Acquisition Program starting in Feburary 2021. 

These 8 week sessions will be held at Nield Park on Wednesday from 4:30pm starting Wednesday Feb 3


The skill acquisition training is where things get more serious.

At this stage, kids should have a good understanding of most basic football skills. At this point #havefun means improving these skills even more so that during the game your child will be able to do things that other kids cannot.

#trainhard is done by a certified football coach developing the FFA recommended four core areas:

  • First Touch

  • Running with the ball

  • 1v1

  • Striking the ball

Your child will also learn what sportsmanship means and how to #playfair.


The cost of an 8 week program is $200 per child. Sessions are open to both boys and girls. Active kids vouchers can be used - just select the manual / offline payment option & provide the voucher number with Child's date of birth. We will invoice you for the balance.


- Select the day of the week you wish your child to participate in. 

- Sessions will be capped at 12 children.

- In the event of sessions not meeting mimimum numbers we will look to consolidate groups from different days. If your child is unable to participate in the new session time / day a refund will be made.


Session Day