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Please note that all new members must also attend one of the registration days to provide an original or certified copy of ID (such as birth certificate, passport etc). These dates will be published via our homepage.

Common Questions


How much does it cost?

See Registration Fees page for breakdown of costs by age group.


When are jerseys & other equipment supplied?

Training equipment will be issued to the team manager at the end of January, with player shorts, shirts & jerseys supplied about 2 weeks prior to season start. These dates will be posted on our website and communicated via email. 


What is the youngest age you accept?

Your child must be turning 5 during the calendar year so they can play in the lowest age group (Under 6’s). 

Can my child play in an older team?

If there are too many or insufficient numbers in a particular age group then they are allowed to play in a higher age group  of a maximum of 2 years above that players age. So a 9 year old could play in the Under 11s.

When & where are games played?

Find our about the competition make up here.


What age do I need to be to register for Over 35s and 45s teams? 

You must already be 35 or 45 BEFORE the start of the year to be eligible to play in these teams. 

Also for Over 45s, you can be one of only three players who are aged 40 prior to the start of year, who have also played for the same Over 45s team in the previous season.


What do I get with my registration?

All fees include playing shorts, socks & jersey. Registration fees also include all association, field hire, insurance & referee costs as appropriate.

A $40 refund will be made at the completion of the season for anyone who wishes to return their jersey.

More Questions?

Please email the Registrar at