Registration Information

All registrations go through the DRIBL Registration Platform and are open from Jan through to the end of May.

Before you register be sure to have your Active Kids voucher number ready (if applicable) as well as a passport style photo to upload during the registration process.

Need help with your registration?

Registration Instructions are available here.

DRIBL offer great registration support for all players and parents. We encourage all parents and players to make the most of this service. Dribl support is available via  -or- phone support, on +61 2 9157 2600, Mon-Fri from 9am – 5:30pm

Age groups

Football Australia require all players to play in their correct age group. This may not correspond with the school year.

The ‘U’ is an abbreviation for “Under”, and the number is the child’s age on 31st December of the current season.

The youngest registrations accepted are five years of age.

Calculating the correct age group for registration

Equation: Year of Registration – Year of Birth = Age group

Example: For a child born in 2018 wishing to register for the 2024 Season,

24-18 = 6

Parents should select the U6 age group at registration.