To be eligible to play in our MiniRoos Kick off program players need to be turning 5 within this calendar year.

All activities centre around Nield Park on Saturday mornings.

Circuit model

The circuit is comprised of several pitches. Every player will spend 10-15 minutes visiting every pitch during the session, playing a variety of small-sided games and fun games. Each week we vary the fun games.

Approved FC Five Dock coaches will manage the majority of the pitches every week. We also have a small number of parent supported pitches for parents to run small-sided games under the supervision from our Technical and Coaching Director. 

Playing groups

Our Age Co Ordinator, Melissa, will assemble playing groups based on age, schools and existing friendships. Don’t worry if you are new to the club or to the neighbourhood. You’ll discover that many children are playing for the first time.

The playing groups have a maximum of eight players and this size is strictly adhered to. The reason for this is that, as the number of children in a group increases, the number of touches of the ball decreases for each child.

Ball touches = Practice = Fun + Participation = Children learning 

Lots of games and lots of ball touches for each child are fundamental aspects of the program.

Program objectives

The club have identified the following key objectives:
1. For children – exploring football skills while playing fun games;
2. For junior coaches – the development of leadership skills; and
3. For parents – program education through active volunteer participation.

We will select different parents every week for the parent supported pitches. This is so all parents, not only become familiar with the program in a practical sense but they also become part of the volunteer effort that is at the heart of a community football club. Most importantly, parent participation is a key factor in children choosing to remain physically active. 


MiniRoos Parent Information Pack
This is recommended reading for all parents and provides advice to ensure your child has a rewarding experience.

If you need any more information about our Under 5 to 7 program you can contact our age co-ordinator Melissa.