Ground closures are inevitable during the course of any season due to wet weather or any other number of reasons. These closures are completely out of the direct control of the Association and is generally determined by Councils

Canada Bay Council Field Status

If in doubt on game day please use DRIBL

When checking the draw on Dribl…

  • PENDING: means the game is going ahead as per the details that appear, ie: date, time, field.
  • WASHOUT RESCHEDULE: means the field is closed, the game is washed out, and will be rescheduled to a later date.
  • WASHOUT CANCELLED: means the field is closed, the game is washed out and cancelled completely.
  • If your game disappears from the draw completely, it means that your game is in the process of being re-scheduled.

If in doubt, please contact your team manager or club secretary.